Shnoodlepip is BACK!


The time has finally come! Shnoodlepip went through its ropey stage with full gusto – thick, gloopy, stringy. The poor beer was truly ‘sick’ with a pediococcus blessing. Now it’s out the other side of that episode and is looking (and tasting) great!

The bonus of this period of bad health was that the beer got a good bit of R&R and got back on its feet feeling better than ever. The Brettanomyces present in the beer transformed the gelatinous exopolysaccharides produced by the pediococcus into new flavours while leaving behind a residual body and new depths of flavour.

The carbonation is higher that it was before, the acidity has increased, the beautiful aromas and flavours are no longer locked away inside the sick ropey texture. It is an adventure of different flavours and a joy to experience the counterpoint of hibiscus flowers, tropical fruits and pink peppercorns.

This is why we love brettanomyces so much – it likes to hang around and eat everything! If left to its own devices it will even break down the cellulose in wooden barrels!! We’ve had a look into the future (with the help of an incubator to speed up the biological reactions – science!) and the brettanomyces continues to change the nature of the beer. The acidity becomes a little sharper, there is a more pronounced peppery note in the aroma and the body continues to thin.

Our beers with brettanomyces will always develop, the wild yeast constantly consuming and synthesising new flavour compounds, this is what makes them so exciting to age.