Shnoodlepip is on the Mend


Wild beers are in our nature, are inherently exciting and sometimes surprising. Shnoodlepip is on of these beers and became 'sick' but is now on the mend.

In July our Brewing Director, Brett Ellis, sent out a message about Schnoodlepip.

‘URGENT: Shnoodlepip is sick

Shnoodlepip never ceases to surprise me! The bottles of 2015 Shnoodlepip are currently sick or ropey. This is a natural stage of the beers development caused by a healthy amount of pediococcus aka pedio. Typically a sour beer producer would see this ropeyness in the barrel aging and maybe bottle conditioning stage of the production. With Shnoodlepip I undergo the conditioning in tank after blending and before bottling thus the beer is a ‘tank conditioned’ beer not bottle conditioned. This pedio-ropey/sick character was not realised until earlier today.

There are two silver linings to this issue.

1-Brettanomycess transforms a sick beer back into the viscosity of standard beer. It just takes time.

2-When Brettanomycess transforms a sick beer it is said (by Jean Van Roy and main other highly regarded producers) to create amazing flavours and aromas that you would not otherwise have been able to create!

Like I said, Shnoodlepip never ceases to surprise!’

Now into September we have been monitoring the progress of this surprising beer and are pleased to say Shnoodlepip is on the mend!

Our good friend Brettanomyces has been eating away at the ropey/sick pedio by-products. This clearing up of the viscosity is leaving behind exciting new flavours and aromas for us to enjoy and in Shnoodlepip they taste amazing!

The ‘sick’ character pedio leaves in a beer is this organism producing exopolysaccharides (among other things) which is actually tasty new fermentable material for Brettanomyces to metabolise and produce new characteristics in the beer. We believe that time is a great ingredient in our wild beers such as Shnoodlepip – allowing flavours to marry and various microbial activity to take place adding depth and complexity.

As surprised as we were to see pediococcus active in the bottle we’re equally pleased at the new character and complexity that it is forming from its partnership with Brettanomyces.

Although it is still a few weeks away from being on top form, Shnoodlepip is firmly on the mend and looking set for a tremendous comeback.