Shnoodlepip Returns...


It's back, it's bigger, it's better...

Shnoodlepip is a beer we quietly release each year when the barrels are tasting just right - usually about 9 months after filling - but this year the beer is tasting so incredible that we decided to celebrate this shnoodlepipping beer. And now we have 750ml wax dipped champagne style bottles to encourage you to share this beer, experience it with other people and talk about how batshit crazy the falvours are! 


Conceived as a tri-national collaboration we brought together the ideas of three brewers: Brett Ellis (USA) of Wild Beer; Mark Tranter (UK) of Burnign Sky; Kelly Ryan (NZ) of Fork Brewing. The result is a 6.5% sour Saison aged in Burgundy red wine barrels, brewed with pink peppercorns, then blended from barrels on top of more pink peppercorns, hibiscus flower and passion fruit!

Experimentation with ingredients, processes and ideas is what we are all about at the Wild Beer Co so when ideas for Shnoodlepip started flying around we knew we had a real collaboration on our hands. For us a collaboration is the melding of ideas, talent and understanding where the sum of the parts really make a greater than the whole.

Such a flavour packed beer with so much vibrancy needed a name to reflect how wild the character of the beer is - a quick search on Urban Dictionary will tell you Shnoodlepip means "Fucking Awesome".