Welcome To The Dark Side...


Introducing our 2021 rendition of Wildebeest, now in a 330ml can! We have a penchant for dark beers and this little number has always been a crowd pleaser amongst our customers. 

Welcome to the Dark Side…

Here at Wild Beer, we love to explore barrel ageing and blending within different styles of beers, releasing annual beers like The Blend and Beyond Modus. We have a penchant for dark beers and the wonder and experience to bring blends of stouts together!


Autumn is almost here, and you know what it means… It's time for our annual stout Wildebeest to come out of hibernation.

The perfect beer for any coffee lovers out there, Wildebeest has always been a crowd favourite amongst our range of stouts. Brewed initially as an experimental beer with a time and place in mind for its enjoyment, Wildebeest is perfect for the upcoming winter months. We’ve also decided to move our annual release of this rich stout into a 330ml can!

For this year’s batch of Wildebeest, we’ve teamed up with North Star Roastery in Leeds and added in a refreshing blend of naturally processed coffee beans sourced from Peru, Rwanda, and Ethiopia. We further amped up this decadent imperial stout with luxurious Peruvian cocoa nibs expressing rich and deep chocolate flavours alongside Madagascan Bourbon vanilla, boasting sweet and creamy notes. Wildebeest contains a judicious selection of pale and dark malts, adding to the decadence and making this beer like a beautifully rich dessert in a glass. 

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A Trip Through Time...

We have a lot to thank for the creation of porters and stouts, as a brewery we have a fondness for dark beers and a creativity for blending and barrel aging stouts. Dating back to 1677, the word stout referred to a strong black beer. Most stouts today are dark in colour, top-fermented, brewed with deeply roasted malts and have a number of variations from dry, imperial to milk stouts. 

Delusions of Grandeur

Last month we released our highest ABV beer to date! Delusions of Grandeur, our barrel aged imperial stout weighed in at a whopping 20% ABV, with an extra special and limited-edition release with only 380 bottles of this beer available, we sold out within a mere 48 hours thanks to you!

Boozy yet balanced, with decadent sherry-like qualities, plenty of bourbon barrel oak and tons of richness. D.O.G began life as a blending component for our annual barrel aged stout B.A.B.S, aged in 200L Clermont Springs bourbon cask for over three years in our barrel library.

Brewed over four days and then aged for 3 years, this beer has been quite an undertaking. The continued slow fermentation in cask picked up the delicious flavours of the bourbon whiskey which combined perfectly with the crystal, Vienna, carafa and chocolate malts, plus a healthy dose of Demerara and Muscovado sugars in this quad brew super stout. Delicate sherry like qualities are also at the forefront of this dry and balanced imperial stout which sit perfectly under the warm bourbon finish and deceivingly sweet malt character.    

However, this barrel tasted so good, we just had to bottle it!



Another crowd pleaser! Every winter since 2015 we have announced our latest blend of our iconic imperial stout Wineybeest, which sits in barrels throughout the rest of the year ready until it’s release.

For our 2020 iteration of Wineybeest, this beer was aged in burgundy pinot barrels for at least 12 months. Affectionately dubbed ‘Last of the Rum & Wine’, this edition included a couple of rum barrels to give the blend the balance and layers of flavour we were looking for.

This year’s edition of Wineybeest is the embodiment of a decadent winter warmer. Fermented in foudre, aged in red wine barrels, we blended 1 and 2 ½ year old beers to make this remarkably complex imperial stout. Coming soon…

B.A.B.S Series

To create a decadent and elegant stout, it must be blended, creating the opportunity for complexity and length of flavour. B.A.B.S, put simply stands for ‘Barrel-Aged Blended Stout’ and the original took inspiration from Firestone Walker’s anniversary beer ‘13’.

With each annual iteration of B.A.B.S, we have continued to improve the blend and this blend will be no. IV in the series.


Our resident core milk stout, for good reason! The idea for this beer sparked when our co-founders sat down for coffee in Edinburgh on a cold January afternoon. Along with a black coffee, Andrew ordered a slice of millionaire’s shortbread and the combination of salted caramel, dark chocolate, biscuit base, and the bitter coffee were intensely satisfying. So, he and Brett set about de-constructing the flavours to rebuild them in a beer, resulting in the birth of this decadent and complex milk stout.

Starting with its Munich malt base, we use solely speciality malts to deliver a satisfying big body that brings a huge mouthfeel to its relatively low ABV. We then bring in Valrhona Cocao nibs that are used by chocolatiers and pastry chefs around the world and for the finish, a flurry of Cornish Sea salt that brings a lingering savoury balance. Sweet and salty collide in this rich, balanced, and smooth dessert stout.


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Oak Aged Millionaire

Earlier this year we experimented with our beloved Millionaire and created a special oak aged version which went down a storm! Everything you love about the original but with added vanilla oakiness, for a slightly drier tannic finish and added sophistication! The oak ageing takes Millionaire to another level, creating further character and flavour.


Jambo is our beautifully rich stout, brewed with raspberries and Valrhona cocoa nibs. Deep flavours of chocolate and fruit collide with decadent boozy heat!

Building on our repertoire of wild stouts we have combined our love of dark fruits with our penchant for sweet dark beers. The combination of fruit and chocolate is always amazing and what better way to combat the cold nights of the changing seasons than with a rich warming stout?


Whats Next?

While we don’t want to admit it, the winter months are drawing nearer... We’ve got some great Autumn and Winter beers lined up over the next few months.

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