Summer has arrived! Here's our latest of greatest beers to drink in the sun!

We have re-launched one of your favourite beers from last year-Tepache! Inspired from the Mexican soft drink our version deconstructs the ingredients traditionally used and builds them back together in a hugely drinkable sour beer.

Continuing with the Mexican theme we have just launched the distant relative of Sleeping Lemons - Sleeping Limes. With a different take on its predecessor the inspiration arises from a Corona with a slice of lime wedge.

Also joining these are two very different but equally as accessible sours: Tom Yum Gose (based around a Tom Yum Soup), and Fruitbooter (which included over a tonne of raspberries!

All our latest beers are available FIRST on our online shop: wildbeer.myshopify.com

Tepache: Pineapples + Spices + Wild Yeasts
Hailing from South America, Tepache is a traditional Latin American fermented ‘soft’ drink made from spontaneously fermented pineapples flavoured with spices. Our Wild Beer take on this classic drink de-constructs the ingredients of pineapples, muscavado sugar, cinnamon, Masa Harina corn, and our wild yeast cultures. The result is a beer that delicately balances bold and strong flavours in an all too accessible drink that is born for the summer!

Sleeping Limes: Limes + Salt + Gose
We have traversed the globe to Mexico where we celebrate Brett’s love of South American food and the citrus zing of the mighty lime. 
Clean and crisp with refreshing tangy limes and a moreish briny finish, this is our perfect summer beer. It originally took inspiration from Sleeping Lemons and the beautiful preserved lemons we use, but the idea developed into a cleaner beer, taking the Corona and lime wedge and stepping it up a notch. 

Tom Yum Gose: Spices + Sourness + Salt
A beer inspired from a Tom Yum soup but with the salty kick of a Gose; a German-style sour wheat beer usually brewed with coriander and salt. This style has been recently resurrected in recent times and provides the perfect base to this weird and wonderful beer. Tom Yum Gose brings together the fresh aromatic spices of Laos and Thailand, the natural wild yeasts of Somerset and carefully sourced salt to make a truly remarkable and refreshing beer.

Fruitbooter: Raspberries + Pink Peppercorns + Raspberries
Starting as a pink peppercorn Saison, Fruitbooter really comes into it’s own with the artful use of blending. Selecting a special few from our barrel library to enhance the flavour of the Saison and boost it’s tartness to new heights. Then come the raspberries, as fresh and ripe as we could get them, straight from Somerset. The peppery Saison, acidic barrel addition and juicy raspberries make for a tart, jammy, mouth watering beer.