Tasting on the Thames


Last week we hosted a tasting on the Thames with the head brewers of Cascade and Alesong.

Last Thursday, we embarked on a Wild voyage down the river Thames with the head brewers of Cascade brewing and Alesong brewing and blending to bring 80 lucky ticket holders an incredibly unique opportunity to experience one of our most special and fun events yet. 

With one tasting session of 6 beers set on the lower deck of the boat and the upper deck full of people enjoying a range of kegged beers, we were able to showcase a range of brand new and rare beers from here and the US. The dichotomy of the beautiful views we passed on the boat really enhanced this experience and reflected the beers at the tasting: traditionally rooted but with a modern and exciting twist. 

Mike, head brewer at Cascade bought along ‘Vitis Noble’, a 9.1% barrel aged Blonde with grape and their 7.7% ‘Kriek’ which was barrel aged with cherries. With a big focus on sours, barrel ageing and foudre ageing, Cascade create decadent crafted beers.

Brian, Alesong’s head brewer talked through their 7.2% barrel aged dry-hopped ale ‘Touch of Brett Galaxy’ and ‘Kind of Blue’ which is a 6.7% barrel aged blueberry ale. Alesong's use of traditional Belgian style techniques shine through in these beers alongside their use of oak barrels. 

How could we top these incredible bottles? With us we bought Yadokai Unique and our latest release, Coolship 2019. This was the first time we have done a tasting with the Coolship and it went down a storm! 

We want to say a really big thank you to Mike and Brian for helping us out with this great event! We had a blast! 

If you have any photos of the boat trip that you’d like to share with us for possible use in the future please send them to izzy@wildbeerco.com 

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