Tepache 2019


It’s back… re-introducing Tepache, now available in 330ml bottles!

Tepache is a traditional South American soft drink made with spontaneously fermented pineapple peel, rind and spices. We took inspiration from this naturally fermented, very low alcohol beverage and wanted to create a punchy and alcoholic sibling. This perfectly balanced, fruity and spiced, beer is made for the summer and those light warm evenings.

Using our house wild yeast cultures and by dissecting the ingredients that go into this classic Latin American drink, we have created a bold fruit based beer with clove, cinnamon and lactose. The Saaz hops added into the Tepache brew also promotes the spicy and herbal aromas that are essential to the beer; every aspect of this beer combines to compliment, balance and reflect the soft drink we admire.

We decided to bring back Tepache in a smaller sized bottle to facilitate its accessibility, making the beer more sessionable. With a combination of acidity, a binding sourness, and sweetness from the fruit this is extremely easy-drinking and refreshing. It heads up a new lineup for our upcoming fruit campaign which is landing very soon... 

We added 200 kilos of pineapple during fermentation, tasting it daily to ensure we had the right balance of fruit and spice. It is this meticulous care for our beer that ensures we create the perfect drink each time.

Tepache pairs perfectly with South American food, much like its soft drink counterpart. A spicy chorizo based taco with refried beans, lime and sour cream complements the spices in the beer. The refried beans are cut by the acidity and the lime provides an earthy contrast to the pineapple.

Expect to see Tepache popping up at all good pubs and bottle shops this summer! Aclamicones!

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