The Rainbow Project 2015


The very best in collaboration, where a focus on the seven colours of the rainbow adds a limitation which breads creativity.

Rainbow Project 2015

- 7 UK Breweries

- 7 US Breweries

- 7 Colours of the Rainbow

The Rainbow Project is a Siren Craft Brew initiative which began in 2013, when seven breweries from the UK were all assigned a colour and asked to brew a beer loosely based around that colour.

Then in 2014 each UK brewer was paired with a European counterpart, which produced some spectacular collaborations, built friendships and formed knowledge-sharing connections that are still going strong today. We were paired up with Tocclamatto form Northern Italy to produce Indigo Child - a gooseberry sour with flower petals, fruit and wild Somerset yeast.

For 2015, now in its third outing, we’re going trans-atlantic, pairing 7 of the best UK breweries with 7 of the best from the USA.

Magic Rock + Cigar City = Red

Buxton + Arizona Wilderness = Orange

Partizan + Praerie Ales = Yellow

Hawkeshead + Crooked Stave = Green

Siren Craft + Surley = Blue

Beavertown + Dogfishhead = Indigo

Wild Beer Co + Firestone Walker = Violet

Watch this space as a limited edition mixed box and kegs of all seven beers will go on sale after the launch parties this weekend. Find yourself at Beavertown brewery, Buxton Taproom or Magic Rock Taproom to see the three launch parties for South, Midlands and North.

Our collaboration partners, Firestone Walker, are some what of barrel ageing / fermenting legends with one of only two operational Union Systems in the world, a plethora of barrel aged beers and with their new initiative the Barrelworks building a library of sour barrels, they're kind of a big deal...

Stay tuned to see what creativity has been bred from our limitation of the Violet colour.