The Social Brew Collective


Introducing The Social Brew Collective - our latest project joining 6 breweries to collaborate on beers that help raise awareness for social enterprises within the brewing industry.

Introducing: The Social Brew Collective.

The Social Brew Collective is a collaboration project uniting 6 UK craft breweries to produce a series of beers, promoting how brewing can be inclusive and accessible to all.

Conceptualised by Russell Sykes - Brewing Team Lead at The Wild Beer Co, after Wild Beer brewed with Ignition as part of a different project last year, this project aims to raise awareness for social enterprises within the brewing industry. Collectively there will be 3 beers produced, with each Social Enterprise brewery paired with a brewing counterpart, the collaborations are as follows:

Wild Beer Co x Tap Social Movement // Gipsy Hill Brewing x Ignition Brewing // Wild Card Brewery x Spotlight Brewing

This project aims to highlight the diversity within the brewing industry and the way in which beer can bring people together. Each of the social enterprise breweries employ staff who may otherwise find getting a job to be very difficult. These breweries are businesses rather than charities, they pay fair wages to all of their staff who are in direct employment. It’s vital that the industry recognises the hard work of those fighting for diversity and inclusivity and it champions and supports these moves.

Keep an eye out for more info on The Social Brew Collective and the beer launches!


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