The Yeast Project


We are inspired by Belgian farmhouse brewers and, like them, we embrace nature and the Somerset terroir in our brewing, giving our beers a true sense of place. Since we started the Wild Beer Co in October 2012 we have been constantly experimenting with different wild yeasts. There are endless small containers all over the brewery with various fermentations going on.

One of our favourite projects has been to harness a yeast strain from our local environment literally embracing and using nature. Being surrounded by orchards and pastures there is an incredible amount of airborne flora and fauna to inoculate our beer. After numerous trials we have managed to come across a diverse blend of micro organisms that have made an amazing tasting beer.

Our Somerset Wild is a farmhouse Sour style of beer inoculated with our blend of dozens of yeast and bacteria strains that we have collected. Some of it will be aged, some of it will be blended into some of our other sour beers and some of it will be on sale very soon...

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