Thoughts on Collaborations


The truest form of collaborations is bringing together elements which are unique to each brewery and then creating something which is greater than the sum of it’s parts.

We take great delight in collaborating with fellow breweries both at home and abroad to create something unique. It is born from a desire to share information and knowledge, in a bid to explore the boundless possibilities of taste and flavour.

The epitome of this style of brewing is best exemplified by the Siren curated Rainbow Project, now in its 5th year. Where 14 renowned global breweries are paired for a celebration of experimental brewing.

This year we have been paired with the excellent Side Project Brewing Co. from St Louis, Missouri. Look out for this release in Autumn with a barrel aged release set for next year. 

Our latest homegrown collab will be with our friends at Magic Rock:

Men Who Stare at Oats | Magic Rock Brewing / 6.0%

This is a full blown collaboration with Magic Rock using our fermentation schedules with their hopping rates. This is an oat heavy, lupulin powdered, Bretted New England IPA. Available now keg only

Other recent collabs include:

Violet Underground | Firestone Walker’s Barrelworks

A true sour beer collaboration. Our proprietary Somerset Wild yeast strain and French candied violet petals were flown over to their brewery, blended in their barrels and topped with Californian golden raspberries. 

Oat Wines | Hawkshead

Take a barley wine and fill it with oats! We released the beer both fresh from the Lake District AND after a year of ageing in a variety of barrels from our library.