Two new 440ml cans!


New cans! Introducing Lemoneepa and Pogo²!

Whilst most people were doing things in their garden for their lockdown projects, we have been enabling our canning line to do 440ml cans and label them, exciting stuff! 

Here are our first 2 special releases…

Lemoneepa IPA

Real lemonade in amplified IPA form! Maxed out with all the lemons and all the hops. 

The yeast is our first use of Philly Sour, a unique new yeast developed by Lallemand. It gives a great, moderate level of lactic acid and delicious tropical and stone fruit characters. We have combined this by using all of the lemon; juice, zest, pith, the lot, and then added a generous dry-hop of Vic’s Secret, Cascade and (Brett’s favourite hop this year) Simcoe. 

We like to think of this as a lemonade IPA, amping up the lemon sour with a big complimentary dry-hop and a lingering moreish bitterness. It’s incredibly refreshing AND delicious! 


A concept that has split opinions, ruined marriages and brought the village to its knees. 

Finally, Brett has won the day and brewed Pogo as a massive IPA, with the biggest dry-hop we’ve ever done. It has all the wonderful aspects of Pogo, but everything is amped up! Loads more fruit, loads more hops; flavours of pineapples, coconut, orange and passion fruit. 

A tropical fruit smoothie of a beer! 

Get them HERE!

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