Valentine's Gift Guide


Gift wildly different this valentine's day! 

Top Valentine's Day gift ideas for that special beer lover in your life. 

Valentines day is only a few days away - order today to get your gifts delivered in time! 

1. Valentine's Day Gift Box

Beautifully presented and ready to wrap is our exclusive Valentine's Day gift box. Ninkasi at 9% ABV, is the ancient Sumerian goddess of beer - a divine Belgian-style saison with copious amounts of New Zealand hops, freshly harvested Somerset apple juice and wild yeast. Together, with 250g of the finest Westcombe Dairy Cheddar they make the perfect pairing and a great way to celebrate a romantic night-in.

2. Wild Beer Gift Box

The Wild Beer Giftbox is our most popular case for gifting, and we've designed it specifically to be the perfect present. This tasty selection of Wild Beer includes seven of our favourite beers bursting with flavour! There's an option to include a handwritten gift note in the box too for any secret admirer that wants to pen the whispers of their Valentines sweet nothings or send an anonymous note.

3. The Fruity Beer Box

Why not give the gift of flavour this Valentines? Our popular fruity beer box delivers a refreshing, tart and fruity flavour experience! Our fruit beers have been developed using specifically selected malts, hops and yeasts for their natural fruit characters. By barrel-ageing and maturing beer directly onto fresh fruits or by simply adding fresh juices to the blend, it has transformed beer into something wonderful.



4. Sour Beer Mixed Case

If however, (unlike your love) your taste for beer is turning sour, then this mixed case includes a great selection of our best sours that pack a punchy acidity.

5. Merchandise

There’s little else for us to do at the moment than to escape lockdown by taking a wintery walk outside. If you’re lucky enough to have enjoyed snow recently, or have some colder days forecast to come then these rustic beanies, available in black or oatmeal, make for a great cosy treat.


6. Glassware

Finally, no Wild Beer is complete without a proper glass, in fact we genuinely believe it makes the beer taste so much better! We have a few different types of glassware to choose from which add that little extra something to a thoughtful gift. Shop glassware here 


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