Wild Beer at Wapping Wharf


Our first bar in Bristol is just around the corner...

We will be opening our second bar; Wild Beer at Wapping Wharf, in our
spiritual home of Bristol at the end of July. Wapping Wharf is located
behind the M-Shed, with a clear view of the harbour and the Matthew
moored in front of the bar. It is a new development, with both huge
windows and an attractive external seating area overlooking the

Our bar will offer, at least, 20 draft beers, and many bottles and
cans, from ourselves and some of our favourite breweries in the UK and
abroad. It will be a true showcase of wild, sour and barrel-aged beers
with plenty of pales, lagers and IPAs thrown in for good measure. We
are also offering an exciting gin list as well as high quality soft

We are very excited to be collaborating on the food at Wapping Wharf
with our friends at Hook
www.hookrestaurants.com  Hook have spent the last 5 years perfecting
the re-imagining of new school fish and chips to create unique and
exciting flavour combinations to bring out the very best from daily
delivered, ethically sourced fresh fish from Cornish day boats. Fish
that is encased in delicately seasoned panko breadcrumbs or infused
tempura batter and paired with homemade sauces, ketchup's and creative
side dishes.

We are delighted to be collaborating with people who think about fish
and chips the way we think about beer!

Drink (and eat) wildly different!