Wild Beer Food Pairings


We are are all about experimenting with flavours and beer and food pairings here at Wild Beer! 

Co-founders Brett and Andrew have both spent their whole working lives involved in flavour; cooking, pairing, educating and delivering it. The concept for the Wild Beer Co came out of wanting to create beers that weren’t just all about quantity but about taste, flavour and drinking beer on different occasions.

We could write a book about beer and food and the relationship between the two. This isn’t that, but we’ve always wanted to have a section on our website that showcases our thoughts on what beer and food means to us. Many of our beers are inspired by culinary tastes, flavours and ingredients, and we have spent years hosting dinners, pairing great food with our beers, and as proficient cooks we use beer in dishes at home all the time. Both Melissa Cole and Mark Dredge have written great books about cooking with and pairing with beer, and they are much better writers than we are, so if you’d like to read more into the subject they would be good places to start. 

We will be growing this section with beer and food pairings, beer recipes, cooking, video and lots of food related content! 

On September 15th we are releasing a beer that has been conceived with food in mind at every stage of its development, it’s the next step in our culinary development.  

A New Beer! 
Well, we have long talked about the relationship our beers have with food, but we have never actually put pairing with food as the number one consideration when conceiving a beer. During the last year, maybe amplified through lockdown, we felt it was time to release a beer that really showcased our feelings towards beer and food, and brought together all that we have learnt about alternative fermentations, and amalgamating flavours and ideas. Our new beer XXXX has spent a long time in development!

Our ventures into the beer and food pairing world also inspired us to create our own BBQ sauce using our Salted Caramel Milk Sout, Millionaire! Here's a video from Marcus Bawden from Country Wood Smoke:

We've also chipped our decomissioned oak barrel staves to make smoking chips!


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