We now showcase 3 Wild-Spirits in our growing spirit range

We have now introduced 3 Wild Spirits in our every growing Wild Beer range. Firstly we created two Gins that gained inspiration for the flavours adopted in our beers. Following that we distilled our very own-fruited pale ale - Pogo to create a spirit derived from beer and something that's truly unique. 

Sleeping Lemons Gin: We have incorporated the sherbet tang of our preserved lemon beer (Sleeping Lemons) into our gin. The botanical mix is steeped overnight in a British wheat-based spirit and distilled the following day. The undiluted spirit/gin rests overnight and on the third day it is diluted down to 40% ABV using filtered water and an intense liquor consisting of caper brine, citric acid, sugar and salt. Added botanicals of lemon grass, lemon verbena, and lemon peel accentuate the flavours producing one the most refreshing GNT’s you have tried.

Shnoodlepip Gin: Shnoodlepip is a beer that has developed a cult following and one of our most unique beers - a red wine barrel-aged-sour Saison brewed with pink peppercorns, hibiscus and passion fruit. De-constructing these flavours and building them back into a Gin was a long process expertly handled by Psychopomp in Bristol. The final product hits the money with lively passion fruit, delicate hibiscus and a whiff of pink peppercorns to chase after.

Spirit Of Pogo: We have distilled our Pogo beer (a pale ale brewed with orange zest, passion fruit and guava) at the Somerset Cider Brandy Company on Fifi and Josephine, 70 year old copper stills from France. The beer was distilled to 63% before being cut back to 42.5% where we felt all of the flavours came together and the fruity aromatics came to the fore.

We have lots more to come in 2018 so make sure you get to try them all…

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