Yadokai Unique


The Most Exclusive Wild Beer Available

Yadokai Unique: Sake-inspired + Yuzu + Sea Buckthorn + Seaweed

Our sake-inspired beer brewed with Sea Buckthorn, Sea Salt, Sea Weed (Kombu and Hijiki) and Yuzu juice. The result is a beautifully rounded, beer packed full of intensity and umami character!

We originally brewed this beer in collaboration with Nanban in London, Blackfriars, and the Hanging Bat in Edinburgh, looking to combine flavours found in Sake production to create a beautifully balanced umami bomb.

In 2015 a batch of our Yadokai went ropey from a Pediococcus infection in the bottle that lasted for a wapping 2 years! This is absolutely unheard of and our best guess is that it’s attributed to the strong alcohol content of this beer. The result, however, is incredible, a tropical version of Yadokai, where the flavours from the process have created an absolutely unique and wonderful result.

Now 3 years old this vintage is something truly unique, never to be seen again...

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