Whilst many breweries play around with the hops and malt they use in different recipes, few are prepared to have a number of different yeasts on the go.

Yeast fascinates us, it is the life blood of beer, and for us, the most important ingredient.

We often talk about wild yeasts and using unusual strains of yeast or bacteria when talking about our brewery. The most common strains we use in the brewery are saison and brettanomyces, often as our own blended strain. This leads to very dry beers, as they are very hungry yeasts, metabolising all of the available malt sugars. And that’s why we have included dryness in the FLAVOURS section of the website, as a common theme in our beers. Beers such as Epic Saison, Cool as a Cucumber, Bliss, Deckchair and Ninkasi use these yeasts.

We use a more common brewers yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) in our beers such as Fresh, Madness, and Scarlet. This yeast has less flavour and character to it, which lets the other ingredients shine through.

Wild yeasts and bacteria develop much more slowly and tend to go into aged beers, where oak barrels are the perfect vessel for them to slowly mature the beers. Modus Operandi being the perfect example. We have a number of beers that have been ageing away over the past months and you will see us release our Amuse series in 2014 and our Hobbs House collaboration in the autumn of 2013.


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