Zintuki is back!


What makes Zintuki so special?

It's made from blending two of our iconic mixed fermentation beers; Ninkasi & Somerset Wild.

Let’s begin with Somerset Wild. This beer is fermented using wild yeasts harvested from one of our Wild-employee’s gardens that overlooks a Somerset orchard. S Wild is a raw beer, unboiled and un-hopped so as not to inhibit any of the bugs and bacteria from the local cider orchards. The beer is then allowed to ferment anaerobically before maturing in oak to promote further lactic acid production.

Ninkasi is our iconic celebration beer and one of the original six beers that Wild Beer started with which coincided closely with the opening of the brewery. Fermented with Champagne yeasts, Ninkasi is dry, balanced and refined. It is brewed with 10% Somerset apple juice, it is the perfect partner for Somerset Wild, which is brewed with the culture from apple skins.

Somerset Wild + Ninkasi = Zintuki; the Goddess of food & dining. This beer combines the apple juice with the yeast cultures from the apple skins forming a clean, refreshing and well… absolutely delicious finish. Zintuki is a superb spring sipper, a little pick-me-up for the ever-lightening British evenings and a perfect pairing with fatty dishes which the acidity of the beer cuts straight through. Think pork belly, barbecued mackerel and even something a little lighter like a lemony chicken dish.

Zintuki drank fresh resembles a crisp sparkling white wine, with an apple-y tartness and hints of gooseberry. The beer will continue to develop beautifully in the bottle, rounding off the flavours creating new complexities that can often taste different each time you try it.

If you are lucky enough to have a bottle of a previous blend then try comparing it with this year’s blend and conduct your own verticle tasting, you may be surprised at the difference!

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