Our Bars

We don’t just make our beer, we also sell it in our own bars. Our venues explore new trends and tastes in the market place and lead by example in exploring beer and food’s harmonious relationship.  We currently have two restaurant bars, Jessop House in Cheltenham and Wapping Wharf in Bristol, with a third on the way at the new brewery. We aren’t looking to roll out a chain,...


Events '17

One of our favourite ways to interact with our customers is at festivals and events. Whether it’s a full blown beer festival, a tap takeover or food matching event, we see the importance of taking...


Current Brewery

Our Barrel store has seen some pretty dramatic expansion in the last 4 years from it’s humble beginnings of 3 barrels we now host approximately 427 barrels (depending on whether it’s a blending...


Our New Beers

In 2016 we produced 19 unique beers not including annual/seasonal releases. This year we are set to top that with a focus on experimentation and innovation in our creative beers. Already in just the first...


Barrel aged Yadokai and Raconteur 3yr

We’ve been roaming through our barrel library at the brewery and tucked away in some dusty corners we’ve found some absolutely incredible gems! A quick...(ish) sampling session and we knew...


Magic Rock Collaboration

It has been a long time in the making and we thought it was time to put our heads together to come up with something special. It didn't take long before we established that we had too many ideas and just...


New Year, New Beers!

  Happy New Year! We felt that it’s only fitting to release two beers in the first week of January and start the year as we mean to continue - with loads of tasty new releases!!  However,...


Smoke 'n' Barrels Winter

For Our final beer release of the year we are completing the smoke 'n' barrels series with winter. To bring out the ritch harsness of the season we used a Belgian Dubbel as a base to give a powerful yet...


Winter Beer Launch 2016

The turn into winter is always punctuated by bonfire night for the Wild Beer company, the night suddenly seem darker, days are crisper with the sun lower in the sky and there is a constant whiff of bonfire...


We’ve got some new toys!

Foudres are made in the same way and from the same materials as barrels but tend to be much larger.  Usually used in wine production, encountering foudres in a brewery is a rarity, and their use in...


Tate Tap Takeover

We are thrilled to be pouring beer in one of the most resoected houses of art and culture in the world. We will have five beers pouring and you will be able to sample them all in flights.  Founder...