Artificial Gravity Machine

We have a shiny new toy to play with in the brewery - a centrifugal filtration system!


Beers for Spring

We've launched three new beers for Spring.


Our Favourite Beers of 2015

We have been blown away by the staggering choice, diversity and quality of beer that has ended up in our glasses this year not only from the UK but internationally and, we think, from our own brewery as...


Delivery Times

The Time is nearly upon us! Christmas and New Year are closer than you think so here's an update on when you get your Wild Beer fixes!


Newest Beers 2015

It’s been a busy few months in the brewery with the team meeting demand on current beers as well as brewing up loads of new ones for you to get familiar with!


Yadokai is back

Yadokai is an incredibly complex beer and it has just showed us exactly how complex it can be – the bottles of 2015 Yadokai are currently sick or ropey.


BrettBrett Fest

BrettBrett is a double IPA with a difference; it is 100% Brettanomyces fermented. We want to make the launch of BrettBrett a nationwide event so we asked the best (in our opinion) bars round the UK to...


Shnoodlepip is BACK!

The time has finally come! Shnoodlepip went through its ropey stage with full gusto – thick, gloopy, stringy. The poor beer was truly ‘sick’ with a pediococcus blessing. Now it’s...


Jessop House: a story of quality

Wild Beer at Jessop House is the Wild Beer Co’s first bar and restaurant: based in Cheltenham; split over three floors; in a beautiful Georgian town house. We will be showcasing our broad range of...


The Rainbow Project 2015

The very best in collaboration, where a focus on the seven colours of the rainbow adds a limitation which breads creativity.


Shnoodlepip is on the Mend

Wild beers are in our nature, are inherently exciting and sometimes surprising. Shnoodlepip is on of these beers and became 'sick' but is now on the mend.