Mini Beer Kegs

Have a party coming up? Going to a festival? Or having a few friends round for a beer tasting night? Our handpicked selection of 5L beer kegs are the perfect way to stock up on your favourites. 

To give you the best variety of beers and make sure there’s always something new for you to try, we rotate our mini beer kegs regularly, so be sure to grab your favourites while you can! From pale ales to stouts and IPAs to pilsners, we’re sure to have something up your street.

A mini keg is the ideal size to take away with you, not too big and not too small - offering just over 9 pints of beer, our 5-litre beer kegs are the perfect companion for weekends away with friends and your favourite festivals.

The best part is, they last for up to three weeks unopened. We advise you drink them within five days (if you can hold back for that long of course).

If you’re a beer keg novice, we’ve got you covered. Check out our instruction video here to open your mini keg like a pro and impress all your friends.  

We have something for everyone here at The Wild Beer Company. Whether you like traditional flavours or a modern, fruity twist on a classic, we’re confident we have your new favourite beer in our range. Take a step out of your comfort zone and opt for a dessert beer to experience a moreish taste that will leave you wanting more.

Gifting one of our beer kegs to a loved one but don’t know where to start? Our team know everything there is to know about hops, flavours and unique blends that make you go ‘AHHH’ after each sip. For a helping hand, give us a call on 01749 838742 to speak to us directly, or email your questions to for a speedy response.

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Mini Beer Kegs FAQs

A mini keg is exactly what it sounds like – a smaller version of a standard beer keg. While beer kegs come in several different sizes, the most common is 50L, with 30L kegs sometimes referred to as ‘half barrels’. Mini beer kegs are around 1/10 of the standard size, usually containing 5L of beer.

These 5LTR beer kegs tend to contain filtered and carbonated beer intended for quick consumption once the keg is opened. Their smaller size makes them more portable, so they’re very convenient for carrying around for events – whether it’s a backyard barbecue, a house party, or round a campfire.

A 5L keg is the perfect size for small gatherings, containing the equivalent of at least 8 pints. These miniature kegs are far more economical for parties than moving multiple bottles of beer around, and the spout or tap at the bottom allows you to add as much or as little as you like to your cup. 

As fun as it is to have beer on tap, it’s just not practical to get a full-size beer keg – not to mention the less than budget-friendly cost of traditional beer kegs for sale – which is why these 5L beer kegs are the perfect alternative. Plus, you don’t need any specialist equipment to open and use them!

As you’re probably aware, keg sizes aren’t really standardised around the world. Neither are liquid measurements, which can lead to confusion when converting from one unit to another. It doesn’t help that most casual drinkers are used to referring to beer in pints, either. When we tell you that our mini kegs of beer are 5 litre kegs, you might still be wondering how many pint glasses that is.

To ease your mind, 1 litre is roughly equivalent to 1.75 pints – meaning that one of our 5L mini kegs provides about 8.75 pints of beer. If everyone in your gathering is sipping from a pint glass, that’s about 8-9 drinks, but it’s more likely that people will use cups and glasses of various sizes. Either way, a mini beer keg is still a great deal when a six-pack isn’t enough but a twelve-pack is too much.

Some people enjoy warm beer, some people don’t. One thing’s for sure, though – there’s nothing more refreshing than a chilled beer on a hot day. So, if you’re planning on getting the gang together for a garden party this summer, it’s definitely a good idea to keep your mini keg as cold as possible.

An extra benefit of mini beer kegs is that they’re usually small enough to fit in most refrigerators. If you can fit a few 2L bottles of pop in the fridge, it’s likely you can squeeze a 5L beer keg in there – even if you have to temporarily slide a shelf out. They can last for up to three weeks unopened, but should be consumed within five days of opening, so it’s not likely to be in the fridge for long anyway!

In any case, you should leave the beer keg to settle for at least a few hours after delivery, as it may have been shaken up a bit during transit. You may as well chill the mini keg at the same time by leaving it in your fridge or a bucket of ice – though you’ll need a tub big enough to fit the 5L keg.

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Mini Beer Kegs

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