IPA & Pale Ales

Discover our sensational collection of IPA and Pale Ales, packed full of aromatic flavours, with hops taking centre stage. We have a great range of IPA beers, from our flagship mixed-fermentation Wild IPA to Hazy NZ, Session IPA, and West Coast ales.

IPA & Pale Ales

Originating in the 1700s and experiencing a renaissance in the 1970s, Indian Pale Ales are the stronger and more flavourful evolution of classic pale ales. Featuring a hoppier and fruitier profile with a higher alcohol content, IPAs are ideal for exploring new flavours in the world of craft beers.

We’re all about quality ingredients and imaginative exploration here at the Wild Beer Co, which is why we combine a variety of tropical tastes and bitterness levels in our extensive range of fragrant British-brewed IPA beers and pale ales.

Whether you want a light and zesty pale ale or something with a little spice, a bold American-Belgian saison to indulge in or a gluten-free IPA for everyday bibbling, you’re sure to find the perfect flavour profile and ABV for you amongst our selection of fruity and floral craft beers.

The distinctive taste of Wild Beer Co IPAs transforms drinking beer into a full experience that will leave you wanting more every time. Whether you personally prefer bitter and dry, fruity and funky, or smoky and spicy, you can filter by flavour below to find your new favourite pale ale

IPA Beer Cans, Mini Kegs, and Custom Bundles

There’s nothing better than a refreshingly cold pale ale on a summer’s day – or any day of the year. Our fantastic IPAs are available in a range of types, sizes, and alcohol volumes, so you can easily discover the pale ales that best suit the style you’re looking for.

Low alcohol beer or high ABV beer, 330ml–440ml cans or 5L mini kegs, singles or multi-packs, we have plenty of options to choose from at the Wild Beer Co. If you’re new to IPA beer and aren’t sure where to start, check out our helpful guide to IPAs and pale ales before you browse.

Everyone’s preferences are different, but we’re confident that our IPA beer will delight even the choosiest of tastebuds. From our crisp ‘Pogo Spritz’ seltzer-fruit beer hybrid to the deep roasted flavours of our ‘Rabbit Pants’ Black IPA, we offer lots of exciting ways to quench your thirst.

One of our favourite things to do is pair our IPA beer with complementary food flavours, so you’ll always find suggestions for food pairings on each product page. Some of our pale ales are even specially designed for certain foods, like our savoury-pastry-friendly ‘Roll With It’ apple ale!

Click on any IPA beer or pale ale that takes your fancy below to learn more about the brew or add your chosen quantity to your cart right away to place your order online today. If you’re hosting a get-together or simply treating yourself to your favourite tipples, why not build your own bundle and create a custom craft beer case?


While IPA stands for India Pale Ale, it wasn’t actually invented or even made in India, where it was too humid to brew the common beers of the time. The standard origin story of IPA is that back in the 1800s, British soldiers and traders wanted a long-lasting British beer that could survive the months-long journey by sea to the hot British Indian colonies without going stale.

The story goes that British brewers purposefully adjusted their recipes to include more of the natural preservative hops. Not only did the higher concentration of hops extend the beer’s lifespan, but it would also increase its alcohol content and flavour intensity. Spending 4-6 months on a ship to India allowed the IPA to mature en route, creating a strong sweet and bitter mix.

The India Pale Ale trade was popular for almost a century, but it of course fell out of favour after World War I and the subsequent partitioning of India and Pakistan. A few decades later, a craft beer movement started up in the USA, spreading internationally to bring IPAs back to the forefront of experimental brewing. These days, every craft brewery has their own IPA beer – including ourselves at Wild Beer Co, where Wild IPA was our first ever brew!

Due to the amount of hops used in the production of IPAs, these beers are generally much stronger than standard pale ales. This applies to both alcohol content and bitterness in the flavour profile. Regular pale ales are usually milder and sweeter, while IPA beers tend to have a more powerful malty flavour with strong fruity and floral tones to balance them out.

Since IPAs get two-thirds of their name from the classic pale ale category, you could consider IPA beer to be an intensified subcategory of pale ale. You can think of it as all IPAs being a type of pale ale, but not all pale ales can be classified as IPAs. Over the years, IPA became an umbrella term itself, with many different sub-styles of IPA beer joining the family.

Since pale ales have become stronger and more boldly flavoured over the years along with IPAs, it can be difficult to differentiate between them. As with any craft beer, the taste and texture depend on the individual brewer’s methods and ingredients – there’s no official threshold or standardisation for when a pale ale becomes an IPA, so the beer’s classification is the brewer’s decision.

Due to the intense hops and heady flavours, IPA beer has earned a reputation for being stronger than other beers. This is generally true, as IPAs tend to have a higher ABV (Alcohol by Volume) than most regular pale ales. That said, some IPAs can have a low ABV, while some pale ales can have a higher ABV – it just depends on the brew.

At Wild Beer Co, most of our IPA beers have an ABV between 4% and 6%, making their strength just above the average ABV of 4.4% for beer and lager in the UK. We also offer a low-ABV IPA at 2.5% and a high-ABV IPA at 8%, so you can enjoy the flavours of an IPA regardless of its alcohol content.

Some brewers use double or even triple hops and extra malt to make their IPA beer even stronger, with double IPAs clocking in at 9-10% ABV and triple IPAs hitting the 13% ABV mark. These are also known as imperial IPAs, which won’t be the best choice if you’re only looking for a session beer.

The generally higher ABV of IPA beers means they’re mostly not suitable for chugging or party drinking – they’re best enjoyed at a slower pace, often complementing a meal. IPAs are all about the intense flavour experience, which is why we offer lighter low-ABV options, session IPAs, and higher ABVs, so you can choose the right ABV for the experience you want.

How you enjoy your beer is up to you – just remember to check the ABV before you buy, so you don’t end up drinking something stronger than intended.

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