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Enso - How we made beer using yeast from a wasp
Enso - How we made beer using yeast from a wasp
For the majority of breweries, wild yeast is an unpredictable enemy. Its very presence is reason enough to dump whole tanks of beer or launch costly recalls. Wild yeast is a microbial contaminant, to be prevented through rigorous cleaning regimes and completely eradicated if ever discovered. 
The Making Of Roll With It
The Making Of Roll With It
Like most great things in the modern world, this collaboration all started with an Instagram DM. We noticed that Bin Day Brewing Co-Founders Robbie Knox and Mike Millar both followed us on social media and, having followed their journey into the craft beer world, we thought it would be a missed opportunity not to reach out.
A Timeline Of Coolships | Beer Blog | The Wild Beer Co
A Timeline Of Coolships
What is a Coolship? A Coolship is the name given to the vessel; usually a large open top steel or copper pan, that is used prior to the fermentation process to cool down the unfermented wort (the amber liquid extracted from malted barley/unfermented beer). 
More On Thiology - A Modern Brewing Technique
More On Thiology - A Modern Brewing Technique
We pride ourselves on creating the best beers to compliment food and, for that to be possible, the beer must be flavoursome and delicious. When we heard about the possibility of discovering hidden flavours, we knew we had to explore the world of Thiology.
What's the difference between IPA and pale ale
What's the difference between IPA and pale ale?
Beer has been beloved for thousands of years, with new ways of brewing and fermenting flavours constantly in development over the centuries. Most beers are made using yeast, malt, and hops, but they can have a variety of aromas and tastes depending on the individual recipe. Pale ales are some of the most popular types of beer around the world, but it’s not as easy to tell them apart by flavour as it would be for a stout and a sour, for example. Adding to the confusion is the recent IPA renaissance in the craft beer world – how is India Pale Ale different? Unless you’re an avid beer enthusiast, you may not be able to distinguish between pale ales and IPAs. To help you understand why they’re not quite the same, this blog dives into the history of IPAs in comparison to standard pale ale, exploring the pros and cons of both types.
What are the Top 8 BBQ Beers This Summer?
What are the Top 8 BBQ Beers This Summer?
Your beer choice is important to make your BBQ a 10/10. So let’s take a look at our top 8 BBQ beers this Summer!
Collaboration with Valentine Warner
Collaboration with Valentine Warner
We paired up with chef and food writer, Valentine Water and we ‘went wild’ to bring beer and food together in a way that's never been explored!
What's all this sour beer stuff?
What's all this sour beer stuff?
We love sour beers, their unrivalled complexity and nuances make them both the most exciting and engaging styles of beer to brew and to drink.
Venison Jungle Curry Recipe | Valentine Warner | Wild Beer Co
Venison Jungle Curry Recipe
This Venison Jungle Curry has been designed to pair perfectly with Wild IPA beer in collaboration with chef and food writer, Valentine Warner.
Pheasant Holstein Recipe | Valentine Warner Collab | Wild Beer Co
Pheasant Holstein Recipe
We paired up with chef and food writer, Valentine Warner, this Pheasant Holstein recipes is ones of his absolute go-to dishes for pheasant.
Welsh Rarebit Pizza - Pizza & Beer Pairing - Wild Beer Co
Welsh Rarebit Pizza
We forged a relationship with Kamado Joe to created this delicious Welsh rarebit pizza to pair with our celebration beer Ninkasi!
Beeramisu - Beer Tiramisu - Wild Beer Co
Beeramisu: like tiramisu, but with beer
Flavour is at the heart of what we do, this isn't just about beer! Why not try this delicious beeramisu dessert recipe using some of our decadent stouts!
The Making Of Strawberry Line | Fruity Beer | Wild Beer Co
The Making Of Strawberry Line
An amalgamation of sweet strawberry and sour beer fermented on grape must, this is a proud representation of west country terroir.