The Wild Beer Co

The Wild Beer Co


Based on a farm in rural Somerset, The Wild Beer Co was born out of a love of fermentation, barrel-ageing and most importantly, flavour.

Wild Beer If Pursuit of Flavour for Beer

Flavour by Nature

We believe our beers are more memorable and more flavourful because we make them using nature, science and a little Somerset magic.

Set against the backdrop of the Somerset countryside, we are a true farmhouse brewery. Being surrounded by nature never fails to inspire our approach to making beer.

Wild Beer Barrels


In our beers we elevate humble natural ingredients, using time, age-old as well as modern processes and techniques.

Our use of alternative fermentations, unorthodox yeasts, seasonally-foraged and unusual ingredients is what helps us deliver remarkable flavour by nature.

Our ingredients and methods are so important to us they inspired our latest can and bottle art.

Wild Beet Authenticity

barrels & blending

If we are honest, barrel ageing and blending is what excites us the most.

Everyday our 600 strong barrel library is quietly imparting nuances from its previous inhabitants into our beers.

Time in these old barrels reveals complex layers of flavours, which simply cannot be rushed.

We have 600 barrels in our library, in their previous lives they contained whisky, sherry, rum, port, tequila and brandy.