Wapping Wharf

Wapping Wharf


Situated in our spiritual home of Bristol, Wild Beer Wapping Wharf is located behind the M-Shed with a clear view of the harbour.

It is part of a new development, with both huge windows and an attractive external seating area overlooking the harbour and 'The Matthew' moored nearby. It just so happens to be one of the finest craft beer bars in Bristol. 

Our bar boasts a wide range of draft beers as well as many bottles and cans. We're proud to have a great selection, including beers brewed by us alongside some of our favourite breweries in the UK and abroad. We have a true showcase of wild, sour and barrel-aged beers with plenty of pales, lagers and IPA's thrown in for good measure.

We're always looking to extend our affinity with food as we pair tart, refreshing beers with the diverse food menu. 

A love of flavour is at the heart of the Wild Beer brewery and everything we do as a company. Enjoying food and drink together is our favourite pastime. Sharing a great experience with our guests is our passion and the reason behind everything we do.

Our menu will change regularly with the seasons and our short attention span… 

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Opening Hours

  • Monday - WednesdayCLOSED
  • Thursday - Saturday12-10
  • Sunday12-4
  • Sunday 2nd May 12-6

Food Service Hours

  • Monday - Friday12 - 3pm / 5 - 9pm
  • Saturday12 - 9pm
  • Sunday12 - 3pm
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